Our Guarantee

GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed) means we will replace any HoundWorks keepsake or ornament that has been accidentally damaged during routine use, even chewing accidents! You are probably thinking... chewing? But we've heard of a number of puppies that have found wooden ornaments to be a fun chewing experience during the holidays especially. They can't resist those presents under the tree.  

Our guarantee does not cover products which are:

  • Lost
  • Stored Improperly
  • Fully functional
  • Exhibiting normal wear and tear, including fading
  • Damaged intentionally, or by repeated activity and therefore not accidental
  • Items that were donated, sponsored, or given as a free promotion

We reserve the right to limit the number of free replacements when there is excessive use or abuse of our guarantee.

No receipt needed. Just snap a photo and email us at care@hound-works.com. It’s that simple!

Please note: Shipping costs for our guarantee are covered in the U.S. International orders are included in our guarantee, but we pro-rate the shipping expense.