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Exquisitely Designed — Dog Ornaments for Dog People

As Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with creative inspiration…” Ok, we may have put our own spin on that one. But here at HoundWorks, we draw (literally and figuratively) inspiration from our furry friends. Their daily antics give us boat loads of feels from laughing at that funny pose they always do to the frustrations of stealing chicken off the counter… for the 20th time. We want to share those feelings with you.

Houndworks is about embracing the doggie-human lifestyle by the hackles, following your nose to new adventures and showing pride in your furry friends. We appreciate every dog's unique characteristics from floppy ears to short-stubby tails.

We are a small studio shop with a big heart and lots of dogs to bring us fresh ideas. We value detailed craftsmanship and a community culture.

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